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EnjoyBirds - a Digital Field Guide to all AOU species

The birds of Hawaii, Panama and Trinidad northward, including all territory: USA, Canada, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad, Tobago, ALL the Bahamas and Caribbean Islands.  Ver 3.5.   ISBN 0-9728035-0-5.  Includes:

  • ALL AOU Checklist species, including the appendices, plus all species in
    Trinidad and Tobago - a total of 2166 full species, up to date through the
    43rd AOU supplement (July 2003).
  • ALL have diagnostic color illustrations and field mark captions;
  • ALL birds are named in English, Spanish, French and German;
  • ALL seasonal ranges are mapped wherever they fall within the nominal area 7 to 70 degrees
    north latitude; 50 to 170 degrees west longitude, (excluding South America itself).
  • 1 - 4 sounds provided with color spectra for over 820 of the common species.
  • ALL verbal announcements help you to pronounce the English and Scientific names.
  • ALL have prioritized, seasonal habitat preference lists.

Eight UserBooks (site selection filters, A - H), each can be set to only show the birds found:

  • - at one exact location (map-clickable, this is Geo-Choice, Patent Pending)
  • - at one exact altitude (clickable on an elevation profile)
  • - during any one season or for the full year  (also can be reset).
  • Once set, any UserBook can have locations added to it or deleted by 1 to 10
    simple map clicks;
  • Once set, extra species can be manually added from the larger full list,
    or removed from the book, by a few clicks;
  • Each of the eight UserBooks stores your field notes with each species, up to
    a paragraph.
  • You can generate reports for printing or email purposes, with or without
    adding your field notes.
  • Every map display will generate the label (name) of any spot on which you click
    (e.g. St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles or Aguascalientes, Mexico)
  • Using Geo-Find, over 200 place names can be looked up alphabetically and found,
    (shown in red on the main map).
  • The whole program runs equally well in English or Spanish.
  • The birds can be found by appearance or sound by :
    •   running through a Gallery slide-show of thumbnail pictures, or
    •   using an (on the fly) Catalog or table of contents of orders and families, or
    •   using the {Look Like} or {Sound like} button, or
    •   using the click-drag pop-up scroll-bar index of families, or
    •   page up or down through the main list, and double-click any
        species to see/hear it.

This software comprises perhaps the first example of CABTIPS:
(Computer-Aided Bird Trip Information Planning Software) -- it's an old BirdChat joke. ;^0   

This is NOT for those who wish the computer to identify birds FOR you; it IS for people who want to learn to make quicker, more informed judgments in the field. 

EnjoyBirds is designed to be most useful on small field computers (small screen, diagnostic illustrations, silence-reduced, full-fidelity sound clips), showing only local birds. 

Using a Geo-Choice UserBook, you can connect a cassette recorder to your computer headphone jack, and immediately make your own custom, announced, audio tape or mini-disk recording for your exact planned trip itinerary. With the Gallery button, you can choose to have the species announcements come either before, or after, each bird sounds. Quiz allows you to set a UserBook for any location and then test your skill at bird ID by appearance and / or by sounds.

Note: Although it is a Microsoft-compiled software, EnjoyBirds will not run under the VISTATM operating system, (as also thousands of other programs won't ).

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