Looking up Monteverde’s Hummingbirds

Both the habitat (near parking lot, second-growth trees), altitude range (we are at 4800 ft. elevation) and field marks work for this species, and the final key to the identification of the Green Violet-ear is now the males territorial song— loud, shrill pulses about two per second, repeated continuously long periods.

Click here to hear the Violet-ear's song

Sound spectrum of two vocalizations of the Green Violet-Ear, Colibri thalassinus, from EnjoyBirds program disc.

Not all identifications are this easy.  When you are looking a in paper bird book, through pages and pages of illustrations, it is hard to separate which species are and are not found in your planned area.

So, join the growing ranks of the ecotourist, and find out how exciting tropical birds can be.  Get a copy of EnjoyBirds and start planning your next trip. The software really will migrate with you.

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