Looking up Monteverde’s Hummingbirds

The [Gallery] shows a thumbnail of each illustration in the list, as if you were rapidly going down the present list.  Starting at the top of the hummingbirds, instead of listing the names, it lists the pictures.  You click the RIGHT button (Rclick) to stop this listing before it gets to the page bottom line, and the [Choose] command appears.

Thumbnail images of all the hummingbirds of Monteverde, Costa Rica.

These small images now force you to focus on the gross characteristics— the overall color, shape, crest or tail pattern. 

In fact, our bird is sitting perched in a short tree over the parking lot of the Fonda Vela Hotel, singing, affording us a long view, appearing uniform dark green, with a dark purple ear stripe. We click on the second row down, on the left, and see the Title Card of the Green Violet-ear:

The EnjoyBirds title card showing the illustration, field marks and habitats for the Green Violet-ear, Colibri thalassinus.

The image matches the backlit view in our scope, but we check the voice by clicking [Vocal].

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