More EnjoyBirds Functions

This page explores some of the many other functions built into EnjoyBirds, but why so many functions?
Although not strictly a modern GUI program, it was designed to reproduce or imitate the functions of the paper book Field Guides which are most useful, and avoid their fixity.

In a paper book, birders often thumb through plates to find a bird — the program has a [Gallery of Illustration] , which shows small pictures.  You click on one and you now look more closely at the picture, with field marks and sounds available.

Birders often use a book’s table of contents or index — the program has a Catalog of either English names or Technical names.  Common or technical names are set by toggling the yellow button [Group Eng] or [Group Syst.] shown here.


The EnjoyBirds menu = top five rows on the Main Text screen.

Suppose your trip,  set in UserBook “A”, was to the central mountains of Costa Rica, to Monteverde cloud forests. You could quickly look up all the hummingbirds by using the Catalog then the Gallery (see menu above).

You have the names set (above illustration) to English, and you click [Catalog] and you get this screen:

A photograph of the Catalog text screen from EnjoyBirds, with no site restriction,

(Click on picture to see detailed larger photo, 220k)

You find the hummingbirds, Trochilidae, at the top of the third column, and click it, and it goes to the main list.

From there you click [Gallery of Illustration] to produce the next screen:

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