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With each copy of EnjoyBirds, MIST now ships an instruction card, available in English and Spanish, showing the location and use of each menu item. We reproduce it here as it explains much of the functionality. If you study it, you will begin to see that the software behaves more like a book than a computer - it has a quick visual flip-through [Gallery]; a Table of Contents [Catalog]; and look-alike plates in the Title Card screen.

The EnjoyBirds menu in Spanish = top five rows on the Main Text screen.
All the long-tailed parrot species, Macaws, in the genus Ara in the EnjoyBirds project region.

This condensed Card is included on this web site for those who are curious about more of the capabilities of EnjoyBirds, and for users to print who may want more than one card to use. 


Carta de Menú en Englais


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