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Many of our beta software testers have told us that the main use for EnjoyBirds to them, at their advanced levels of expertise, was as a means of comparing and learning bird sounds, possibly because of the unusually high number of species (more than 820) presented on this one disc. Of course, this is really another way of thanking the recordists who have made the disc possible. In addition to already mentioned Doug Von Gausig and Fernando González-García, we acknowledge their support here. 

Other Recordists

Clearly most outstanding in his dedication to provide sounds for species new to recorded science has been John V. Moore. Recently leaving on his 34th trip to Ecuador, he has produced a vast library of sounds, especially of Neotropical birds.   John was also the first contributor to graciously permit us to digitize and use bird vocalizations from his excellent (and copyrighted) bird song cassettes, "A Bird Walk at Chan Chich" and "Bird songs and calls from Lake Tahoe".  John has proven to be both a fine naturalist and a generous contributor to our whole project. We want to especially acknowledge his generous support.

David Kuhn has provided MIST the sounds from many species to this project from the Hawaiian Islands. He has spent years as a naturalist and field guide, provides custom tours at Terran Tours, Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii 96796. We thank him for generously sharing his digitized sound library of the species of many of the islands, and for his kind hospitality during our recent visit to Kauai.

Clearly the most faithful supporter of the software, from an early beta test, was the long-time Nebraska birder and teacher Janice Johnson. She told us, by email, that she liked the program so much she wanted to help. She had noticed that the sound recordings of bird species in her area were few in number, so she got out a cassette recorder, borrowed a microphone and went to the crane migration along the Platt river and sent us some new species sounds. In all, over many trips, Jan Johnson made recordings of many needed species new to the project. Not only did Jan become a recordist on our behalf, but she had a considerable training in art and went on to volunteer help with the illustrations. Her donated time enriched the illustrations of more than thirty of the kites, hawks, eagles. We are very grateful for the support she and her husband Richard Johnson have provided over many years.

William L. Murphy is well known to birders who have traveled to Trinidad or Tobago. He has supplied MIST with sounds of 19 species that he recorded.  He has prepared on his own a cassette tape of birds sounds and a very helpful checklist covering the birds of Trinidad and Tobago. He serves on the T & T rare bird committee and leads trips to these fascinating islands, the only biological link between the avifaunas of Amazonia and the Caribbean.  His knowledge of the species has helped us add these areas to the AOU avifauna, and to bring you the current EnjoyBirds product, and we thank him.

Kevin Easley, birder extraordinaire, has provided much useful criticism and suggestions on substantial improvements in my sounds and artwork, as well as contributing the sound file of the Sunbittern.  He now runs the Costa Rica Gateway, specializing in birding tours throughout this fabulous country.

Matt Denton, guide for Rancho Naturalista, (operated by Lisa Erb, and founded by the Kathy & John Erb) in Tuis, Costa Rica helped a lot by pointing out new bird sounds during my stay at this birding hot-spot. Kathy also provided support and sound advice on EnjoyBirds.

Liz Jones and Abraham Gallo, owners of Bosque del Rio Tigre Lodge, near Dos Brazos, Porto Jimenez, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica deserve special thanks. Their lodge is where the birds meet people without walls and without fear. They are both accomplished birders, and showed me many sounds and calls of species I needed to more completely represent the southern-most of our tropical avifauna. I met them first through Kevin Loughlin and Glenn Crawford Wildside Birding Adventure, in 1999.

Blake Maybank has assembled probably the most helpful website for potential ecotourists, where birders returning from happy experiences have spent hours writing trip reports, and he organizes and posts them.  We commend his efforts and highly recommend his site to find out what travel in each area has been really like.

Martyn Stewart records nature sounds around the Pacific Northwest, and has dual web pages of services - he provides nature sounds upon request, as does MIST, and he services indoor plants for business and homes when the birds are quiet.  Martyn has very kindly placed an entire web page on his site devoted to our EnjoyBirds product!  WhattaGuy!

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