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As our brief history shows, this project has been the volunteer effort of many friends, birders and computer experts. The EnjoyBirds software includes a special “About MIST” document, which we try to keep up to date, including a longish Acknowledgements section.  Here we list some of the people who have made a very large difference; click on the highlighted names to go directly to their web sites or projects.

Kevin Loughlin and Glenn Crawford — together partners in WildSide Birding Tours, who have nurtured this project  from 1996 onward. Kevin first showed me the power in the concept of ecotourism to gradually change the economy and thinking of tropical people toward education and conservation of their ecosystems. Using nature tourists as a source of economic pressure, more and more people who already understand and value nature are able to obtain gainful employment and exert pressure on their own governments from within to preserve and protect. 

John V. Moore — my earliest and most faithful supporter among the many nature recordists I am fortunate to know. Regrettably, my earlier versions of this web site omitted thanking him for his generosity and faith in my products through an egregious oversight on my part, and I herewith apologize. His recordings of tropical species have had a profound effect on the availability of species-identification references, both for their extensiveness and for their quality. He has also played a role in discovering new and rare species in the company of other topical naturalists.

Doug Von Gausig — long a project supporter, bird recordist, and a pioneer of web pages to serve the public in helping learn and identify bird songs. Doug started and manages the Yahoo list group: naturerecordists, responsible for providing experts and beginners alike advice on recording nature sounds on a budget they can live with. All volunteer help! He also sells nature sounds and recording equipment, and is currently mayor of Clarksville, AZ.

Walter W. Knapp — probably the most expert and helpful member of the naturerecordists group, a person who has inventoried more counties of the state of Georgia for calling frog and toad species than you may imagine.

Fernando González-García is a professional ornithologist in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, where he is considered a field authority concentrating his work on the family Caracidae, the Guans. He has generously provided to MIST with recordings from Mexico and with many kinds of ideas, support, and linguistic solutions for this project. Fernando also travels and widely lectures on the subject of wildlife recording techniques, (en Español: Técnicas para la grabación de sonidos de aves)

 Support for both the EnjoyBirds project, and for the many recordings from Mexico made and digitized by Fernando González-García, has been provided over a long time-period by Biblioteca de Sonidos de las Aves Mexicanas, Departamento de Ecología y Comportamiento Animal, Instituto de Ecologia, A. C, Apartado Postal 63, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico 91000. MIST extends to them our most grateful thanks. In addition, Fernando has contributed sounds by email of many Mexican missing birds. 

MIST desea expresar su profundo agradecimiento a Fernando González-García, investigador del Instituto de Ecología, A.C. por su apoyo y sugerencias, asi como por su colaboración en la grabación y digitalización de cantos para el proyecto Enjoybirds, Los sonidos provienen de la Biblioteca de Sonidos de las Aves Mexicanas del Instituto de Ecología, A.C., Departamento de Ecología y Comportamiento Animal, Apartado Postal 63, en Xalapa, Veracruz, México 91000

Don Tarbet — a dear friend and originator of NHEST.ORG , dedicated to teaching nature sounds to the vision impaired. Don has long helped in many ways to further this project, and in turn deserves all the support he can get for his noble effort.

BDI: Years ago, my friends Drs. Robert Jenkins and Keith Carr quit the Nature Conservancy (after creating and providing each of our 50 states with their own Natural Heritage programs) and formed their own BioDiversity Institute — BDI (or, as Bob jokes, “beady-eye”).

They have recently created a web site for identifying birds, which in many ways parallels our development of EnjoyBirds software. Far from this being a subject of competition or friction between us, we have cooperated, and I have learned a great deal from both. You must admire the sheer usefulness of their approach — to bring bird ID to anyone online. To help that goal, I have donated copies of some of my illustrations, to which they add some more realistic photographs from many other donors — well, you just gotta see their site!

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