GeoChoice: Reduce a huge list to the book you want

To use Geo-Choice, you first need to locate your trip destination point on a large scale (paper) map.  This can be your home location, that of a special trip, or the home of a relative you visit on occasion.

This simple system allows you to reduce your book species list to only the species present at the location, date and altitude of your actual birding adventure.  It does not try to tell you what bird you saw, only to eliminate those species from the book as seasonally and geographically impossible.

Selecting a geographic spot will replace any previous selection(s) with the new book location.  This location will then be remembered after you close the program.  The bird species will automatically change with the seasons for every date you start up the program.  No, it does not exactly track exact migrational arrival and departure dates, but as a seasonal change approaches, the new species are automatically included in your list.

In EnjoyBirds, the procedure for selecting the bird book you want is simple: Open the map, click on the exact location(s), then click [Replace].  The program now searches all the range data and reduces the book from 2165 species to the current proper bird list. You do this for just ONE at a time of the eight possible books, shown here “H”; the other seven are left unaffected, for any other location.

The next 3 web pages are all detailed on the card that came with your disc.  Let’s take this process in very simple steps:

First, you must be using one of the eight UserBooks, A through H. If none are highlighted in red on the left side of the menu, click on the one for this trip. This UserBook is an important new concept: Each UserBook stores your trip location, seasonal species list, and comments or field notes with each species. It is like having eight loose-leaf field notebooks, that are also field guides, full of pictures and sounds.

Second, from the Main list, you open the [LIST CONTROL] menu and select RELOCATE. You can do this in whichever way you are most comfortable:   [Alt-L], then "R" or Click [LIST CONTROL]  and click the red box left of  RELOCATE .

This will bring up the map, on which you then click your destination(s)), from 1 to 10 clicks. Latitude and longitude points are generated with each of your clicks, and finally all are then searched for regularly occurring bird species, over any and all seasons. These species are stored with seasonal information in your UserBook.

EnjoyBirds geo-choice re-location process: The user has just clicked on the island of Kauai, Hawaiian Islands, USA.

The first click point shows the arrow cursor in the lower left, and the left mouse button has just clicked. EnjoyBirds now looks up this point, and reports both its Latitude and Longitude, 21.6 degrees North and 159.4 degrees West, and its geographical name location: Kauai, USA, Hawaiian Group. From this response, you know you have hit the spot exactly where you wanted.

If the click hits the wrong island, and it sometimes does, you would click [Erase Last] on the left, and then do it again on the right island. An alphabetical help list to many geographic points is also available at a click, so finding an island isn’t as hard as it might seem.

Our trip is to include two more islands, so please read on for the third step . .

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