The Spectrogram of every sound in EnjoyBirds.

This spectrogram of a bird’s vocalizations can be reached in EnjoyBirds by clicking the [Vocal] button from the text list, or on the spectrum icon from the Title Card. 

A spectrogram displays are somewhat similar to regular musical notation—time travels from left to right; high frequencies are at the top, and low at the bottom. Each of the 820 + species’ spectrograms in EnjoyBirds was prepared using COOL Editor. Note the time scale below the spectrum, in seconds, and the frequency scale up the right side.  Clicking the illustration icon in the upper left returns you to the title page. Clicking [Vocal] or [ 1/2 ] plays the sound at normal or half speed.

EnjoyBirds spectrum of two vocalization sounds recorded by David Kuhn, of the Hawaii Amakihi (Hemignathus virens), from Big Island, Hawaii

Recordings of Hawaiian birds were mostly made by David Kuhn, a Kauai nature guide with many years of experience. He also represents, here, the many experts who contributed time and recordings to this project over the many years. We express our gratitude. Each recordist is credited with the authorship of the sounds on this screen, as appropriate.

The Hawaii Amakihi has two sounds, as shown above. In the program or this web page, clicking on the [Vocal] plays the sound at normal speed, or [ 1/2 ] at half speed.  Closer examination will show the rising and falling fine structure for these sounds, and when combined with close listening, becomes a very effective learning tool for beginners and experts alike.  Of course, sound files are large and detailed, and may take some download time on this web page, depending on your ISP connect speed.

Sound Quality:  The sound quality of the EnjoyBirds bird calls and songs is deliberately chosen to be only as high as is necessary to accurately hear the best recording we have obtained. This is because the sound files occupy much of the CD disc space, and sound files made at lower sampling rates are simply smaller.

As such, most of these files are filtered and the silences cut short, to provide as immediate and un-ambiguous a sound as possible for clarity of learning. But these are hurried-sounding, and not designed for field playback, which we strongly discourage (none were recorded using 'playback' method!)  We also strongly encourage you to buy our contributors works on CD or cassette, for learning birds more as they sound in nature.

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