Instead of "plates" we have "Look like" screens.

When you click the [Look Like] button, you should expect to see species which occur at your present location, at this season and elevation, of about the same size, that reasonably might be visually confused with the present selected species, the Hawaii Amakihi.

While paper books might place this species in a different section, based on being native or introduced, or being related in Family or in Class, EnjoyBirds uses solely the appearance as a criterion for this function, just as you really need do in the field to make solid identification decisions.

This present UserBook, “H”, has been Re-located in several Hawaiian Islands, the comparison is now made across local geographic boundaries, with the most similar species known—other island endemic species of the same group. Field marks here are shown for all four species, but can be removed inside the program at any time with the green [FM] button.

EnjoyBirds shows the Title Card for the species: Hawaii Amakihi, (Hemignathus virens), a honeycreeper restricted to Big Island.

As you watch, after the previous click, EnjoyBirds slides the Hawaii Amakihi from the center upward and to the left, into the first quadrant, and brings into the remaining three corners the first three species matching the internal look-like criteria: the Oahu and the Kauai Amakihi, and the Anianiau.   Visual comparisons are now easily made.  Four more comparison are also available, here, shown by the click-able button in the bottom right of the screen.

In a simpler case, the UserBook H would be set to Hawaii, alone. Then, these three birds would never appear, as they are allopatric. The ID is much simpler, since you know you are on Hawaii. In this present example, the H book includes many neighboring islands. As you can see, the first two are very similar, and indeed are sibling species to our first guessed bird, marked only by subtle differences, but occurring on utterly different islands.

Each bird, in this example, has its own recorded sounds (many thanks to David Kuhn) which can be played, one at a time, by clicking on the appropriate [Vocal] button.  We provide a compressed copy of the one for Hawaii Amakihi for this web site.

To see the whole geographical area covered by this software,
click the map.

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