The Title Card - Illustration, with species information.

From the list, when you double-click a species (or click [Illustration] or press [Alt-I]) you proceed immediately to the species Title Card, as shown below for the Hawaii Amakihi. 

EnjoyBirds shows the Title Card for the species: Hawaii Amakihi, (Hemignathus virens), a honeycreeper restricted to Big Island.

The illustration is overlain by Field Marks (green text in black). These can be turned on (as shown) and off  by clicking the green [FM] button at the screen center top, should you want to view only the birds, not the words. All the visible distinguishing marks are thereby shown ON THE ILLUSTRATION, instead of being on a text page elsewhere. These captions are like those in any biological text, and do add clutter to the picture, but can be turned off at a click. You can try that now with the above simulated link. Note that the bird’s habitat is listed, in descending order of seasonal preference, in the bottom part of the Title Card.

The buttons on the left do pretty much exactly what they might suggest: [Previous] and [Next] are like the Up and Down arrows, they move to the nearest adjacent species.

The map and spectrum icons, lower left, go to the Range Map and Sound Spectrum screens, respectively (with this web version pages, as well).  The sound of this bird can be heard by clicking [Vocal] at normal speed, or [1/2] at half speed (web also). This feature allows you to fix in your mind the sound of the bird while you are looking at it, and to hear it more slowly and then again normally. Using this, beginners can learn to listen for finer sound details, and then to sharpen their field hearing skills.

The next web pages will deal with EnjoyBirds features provided by the buttons in the upper left: [Recent List], [Sound Like], [ Look Like ].

Conventional book birders will hold their fingers in the pages of species they have just consulted (recent list) or rely on “plates” for grouping birds with a similar appearances. Birds which sound alike are seldom if ever covered. EnjoyBirds does it all with these three buttons.

Looking at this Amakihi in the field, you may be unsure of your visual field identification, and want to see any other species with which you might confuse this bird  . . .

So, you would probably then click  [Look Like] . . .

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