EnjoyBirds Main Text List - click scroll, menu on top.

You start EnjoyBirds with a full list of the 2166 birds — a text screen, (white lettering on black), that lists all the resources on your CD.  Next, you load a UserBook -- the screen below shows Book H (Red H, row 4, left-center).

Then you set, or [Relocate] the list to your birding destination.  The background color of this reduced list now becomes a royal blue—you have homed in on your spot and reduced the list by perhaps 90% to a manageable bird book.

The screen below shows that EnjoyBirds was started in UserBook “H” and has previously had been [Re-located] to the Hawaiian Islands (magenta, bottom right) with several map clicks including Kauai, Oahu, and Hawaii, to be included in a planned trip. The month was then changed to June, also corresponding to the trip planning (all simple menu choices).

The EnjoyBirds list text screen, showing one species per line.  The users select a species on the list, then use the menu at the top to jump to the illustration, 	the Range Map or to the Sound Spectrum.

Currently, the line cursor (selected red background) is on the first species, the Laysan Albatross The list works like any other computer list (e.g. spreadsheet) you may already know about. Up or down arrows move the cursor  up or down by one line.   PageDown key moves through the species, in AOU order, a full page at a time, to the herons, ducks, hawks, shorebirds, etc.

The topmost five text lines form the clickable Menu (see more detail) , with the buttons in the center (green area) being the most often used.   For example, after you scroll the text down to any species of interest, these command buttons allow you to see its [Illustration] , its range [Map] and it sound spectrum [Vocal]

Every time you page down, you get a new screen list of birds, with the menu remaining like a frame at the top.  You might page down to the endemic Hawaiian honeycreepers, and then for the illustration, you double-click the line of the rare  Hawaii Amakihi, [Illustration] title page, or for its sound spectrum click the  [Vocal] button.

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