Glossary (a brief sample of excerpts)

Achene - the small hard seed of a sedge; 1-locular, 1-seeded.

Acuminate - tapering gradually to sharp point.

Acute - sharp more abrupt point.

Aggregate - crowded into a cluster, but not cohering.

Annual - completing full life cycle in one year.

Anther - the pollen-bearing part of a stamen (male flower part).

Anthesis - during the time of flowering.

Appressed - lying flat against.

Aristate - with bristle or awn at the tip.

Ascending - rising up obliquely, at an angle, or curving upward; neither straight up, nor prostrate.

Awn - bristle or hair-like projection from a grass flower.



Axil - the angle formed between two objects.

Barbed - with short back-pointing hooks or bristles.

Blade - the widened part of a flat object (leaf or petal).

Bract - a modified leaf against the base of a flower or an inflorescence.

Bracteole - a special leaf against the bottom of something, usually a flower.

Carinate - keeled.

Carpel - a simple pistil, or one part of a compound pistil.

Cespitose - as sedges, growing in dense mats or tufts.

Channeled - with conspicuous groove.

Complete flower - having sepals, petals, stamens and pistil.

Compressed - flattened from side-to-side, like a sunfish.

Convolute - rolled up longitudinally.

Corolla - all the petals of a flower.

Culm - the aboveground stem or stalk of a grass or sedge.